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Through our many years of personal involvement in various areas of public transport, we are able to offer a wide variety of aspects for consulting. Our focus is clearly in the public transport telematics, where we have gained in recent years in a variety of projects a brought experience in the areas of itcs/telematics system, dynamic passenger information and electronic ticketing projects.


We at Weisskopf Engineering understand ourselves as a technology consulting company for public transport with the clear aim to find the most simple but suitable solutions even for complex tasks. Or, as Albert Einstein once expressed it: "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Increased networking and more demand for quality for the systems in the public transport telematics sectors lead to structures that are more complex. Only through years of experience and solid technical expertise the step into the complexity trap can be avoided.


Consulting is, even if the subject of the consulting is highly technical and abstract, a very personal thing. Therefore, we keep confidence in the technical qualification, but especially in the personal integrity of our employees as one of the most important fundamentals of our business. And that is the reason why at Weisskopf Engineering always the human being is in the focus, whether as an employee of a public transport company in the role of the customer, as a passenger or as a consulting engineer at Weisskopf Engineering.

A major strength of Weisskopf Engineering compared to many other consulting companies is, that all WE employees know telematics projects both from customer side as well as from industry-side and that they have solid master of science or similar diplomas. Each employee brings decades of experience in various management positions in the public transport telematics industry and deep technical and operational expertise within projects.

Therefore, Weisskopf Engineering is able to cover a wide range of engineering services and consulting, which are briefly outlined below.


Together with the experts of the transport company, we develop a road map for their telematics systems. The following aspects are emphasized:

  • Organic Extensions
  • Cost- and time-effectively renewal of systems or part of it
  • Stepwise modernization
  • Budget Planning

Through our experience in numerous migration projects and our excellent knowledge in many fields (e.g. analog / digital radio, passenger information, transfer monitoring, timetable and duty planning, etc.), it is ensured that your strategy takes the latest technology into account and represents a sustainable basis for the future. An adaptable system design provides investment protection for decades and the simplest possible design of systems allows their extension with reasonable effort.

On the basis of a telematics roadmap we can support the basic idea from the implementation to the final acceptance of your telematics systems.


During the tender preparation, we cover the whole spectrum of services. We can bring our experience to specific aspects (e.g. contract management) selective into your ongoing process. Frequently, however, we take the full responsibility for the complete development of a tender which includes the evaluation of the incoming tenders and the creation of the award files.

Based on a detailed request analyses and a comparison with your existing business processes, we outline the necessary changes to the operational organisation, show possible project organisations and work out the tender documents in close collaboration with the practitioners of your operation.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design and support of the tender process
  • Creating specifications
  • Compliance List / evaluation criterias
  • Test cases
  • Strategic supplier evaluation
  • Technical and commercial evaluation

After a tender has been successfully carried out and the award is given, we can help you with the derivation and the structure of the project organization. We assist the project team in the stepwise implementation and thus the successful realisation of the project.


We accompany your telematics projects in various levels of integration:

  • Takeover of overall project management
  • Responsibility for detailed specification
  • Technical competence accompaniment

Each of our employees can refer to many years of experience in the management of projects and knows an extensive set of tools in the project management field.


Is your telematics project not on track? Do you need technical assistance, which you don´t find in your company because of capacity or know how reasons?

We analyse your problem and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel again.


Do you need to optimize the operations of your control system operationally or technically? We help you with the analysis, work out suggestions and support you directly to introduce the new measures/systems. That can be conducted as training, structured introductory programs or with a joint analysis of the actual status and suggestions for improvement.


Through our active participation in various standardization projects such as DISTEL and IP-KOM, we help shaping the public transport telematics future in a relevant way. At the same time, we actively participate in standardisation committees, so that we are always informed about the latest developments in public transport telematics.


You will meet each of us often at seminars and conferences, where we act as speakers or guarantee as listeners, that Weisskopf Engineering will remain on the current and future state of the art technology for public transport telematics systems.